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Yield Curve is NOT Forecasting a Recession

"The yield curve is not forecasting a recession: By now, most anyone who keeps up with financial matters knows that a flat or inverted Treasury yield curve is a good predictor of an impending recession.

...Recently, a few industrious pundits have found evidence that the front end of the Treasury curve is "close to flat." While it's hard to argue with their facts, an almost-flat curve is not the same as a flat or inverted curve. The latter occur only when the market looks into the future and sees good evidence that the Fed will no longer tighten policy and will very likely ease policy at some point. We're not there yet. 

... the 2-10 slope quite often becomes flat or almost flat, and it does so sometimes many years in advance of recessions. It's almost flat now (20 bps), but that's hardly unusual during a period in which the Fed is raising interest rates. 

... the difference between 10- and 30-yr Treasury yields. This portion of the yield curve has been steepening since last July. Inversions in this portion of the curve have been reliable predictors of recessions, but we're definitely not there yet."

(The yield curve is not forecasting a recession dated 11/30/018 by Scott Grannis, Chief Economist from 1979-2007, with Western Asset Management)

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