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Digital Media Trends - Video Gaming Goes Mainstream

"Over the past few years, the growth in gaming across generations has been dramatic and swift. Overall, 30 percent of US consumers pay for a gaming subscription service, and 41 percent play video games at least weekly, according to Deloitte’s Digital media trends survey, 13th edition. Indeed, there are more millennials, now, who have a gaming subscription than those with a traditional Pay TV subscription—and close to one-half of millennials and Gen Z pay for both a gaming and video streaming service. Increasingly, gaming has become integral to how many consumers are piecing together their own entertainment experience. 


... As consumers increasingly curate their own entertainment experiences, gaming is coming to the forefront. The compelling shifts among millennial consumers (which now includes people up to age 35 years old) reached an inflection point, with video gaming subscriptions edging ahead of Pay TV subscriptions—53 percent versus 51 percent according to Deloitte’s Digital media trends survey, 13th edition. Just one year ago, video gaming subscriptions among millennials were at 44 percent and Pay TV subscriptions were 52 percent, indicating a significant shift in momentum."


(Digital media trends; Video gaming goes mainstream dated June 10, 2019 by ?Jeff Loucks, Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Technology, Media & Telecommunications) 


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