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M2 money supply expanded by 26% year over year

"Goldman Sachs financial conditions index is the most accommodative since we started tracking the data in 1989. And the Fed's balance sheet last week rose to a new high of 7.4 trillion, which is an increase of 4.1 trillion from a year ago. And the US M2 money supply expanded by 369 billion last week, the most since March. And the year over year growth is now 26 percent. But there has been little indication for now that individuals are interested in boosting savings any further from here. 


So, looking at the three month change in Google searches, there has been little interest in further move back into money market flows. Where we are in the equity market is prime for a rotation."


January’s Record Inflows and Retail Trading Boom dated 01/29/21 by Scott Rubner of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division


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